Welcome to Torrisholme Badminton Club.

RIP Torrisholme Badminton Club

As of summer 2018, Torrisholme Badminton Club is no more. Dwindling membership numbers made continuing impossible, with not even enough players available to field a single team.

It was with great sadness that the committee took the decision to close the club after 30+ years of continuous competitive play in the local league.

See the blog for the final message to the remaining members at the end.

To be clear to new visitors to this site, or those finding us through Google, this club is no longer operating and any and all information remaining on this site about venues, times, or costs is NO LONGER APPLICABLE. If you’re looking for a club in the Lancaster and Morecambe area, I would advise you to visit the club information page (PDF) at the local league website, or, possibly better, ask a question at the league Facebook group page.

James Illingworth – 19/07/2018

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