The new season is just around the corner and the minutes from the AGM are going out. Along with the minutes comes a note from the revered chairman of the club. I reproduce it for you here in full.

Greetings fellow Badminton player! I trust you are having a lovely summer, have been training hard (*cough*) and are looking forward to the new, exciting season which is just around the corner.

I wanted to take this opportunity to add a few words as an addendum to the minutes from the AGM, just to add a little commentary and clarification on some of the points discussed and to update you on some other areas which may be of interest.


As discussed at the AGM, if you have any club shuttles left over from the end of the season then please ensure you return them for use this year. We’ll need shuttles from the first selection day on the 6th September and ideally we want to start by using up old stock first, since they deteriorate in storage. Further, from the financial perspective, even a few tubes carried over is a significant cost saving to the club (i.e. you and me).

If you have any and can’t make it on the 6th, please try and get them to either me or Cynthia asap (before you forget).
Prices for 2009/2010: I have just received the new prices from Inflight and there is a significant increase in price over last season. Last year we bought at an average price of £12.52/doz; Cost per dozen for this season is £13.95! Based on last year’s usage, this will increase our shuttle spend by about £75 over the season!


The minutes mention that there will be a preliminary list of the team selections published before selection nights. To clarify, the intention of this is to speed up the process and give everybody visibility of their current position earlier on and allow more time for objections & corrections to be made whilst there is still time to prove and test them through club play. In the past, the first real view of the teams was immediately before matches start; the view at the AGM was that this is too late and can lead to disquiet.
So, the selectors have been asked to pick 4 teams before we even start. The teams will be displayed prominently from the very start of the selection process. The initial list will of course be based mainly on experience from last year and whoever they’re friendly with. Please be supportive of the selectors and this experiment; if you think your name is in the wrong place at the start of the first selection session on Sunday 6th then don’t take it personally, do something about it; you have a potential 10 selection hours to play yourself into or out of the position you deserve!



As you will have seen from the AGM minutes the league will only be producing the handbook in electronic format from this year (available now from the league website, and also linked from ours under ‘Badminton Links’). It’s not hard to understand why; communication is faster, more efficient and cheaper electronically.
There are no intentions for us to switch to purely electronic means for any of our key communications at the moment, but I would like us to move toward being able to fulfil at least some of our communications through the web and email. To make it easier for us to collect and manage email addresses, I’ve set up some email lists – these cover website updates, social news and formal announcements, allowing you some control over which messages you’re interested in. Sign-up from the web site at: 

Web Site

The web site is currently undergoing a bit of an overhaul. It looks a bit different, but everything else is still the same. Don’t forget that the website also has links to the club calendar which will be updated soon with all of the club nights and matches.


Just to give the other clubs a laugh, you can now follow us on Twitter. I’ve integrated some Twitter functionality into the website and I’ll probably try and tweet news and results from club nights and matches, until I get bored with it. If you don’t know what I’m on about, don’t worry about it. Otherwise, you can follow us at

Yeah, you laughed when we set up the web site – you’re not laughing now!


The Christmas meal will be at the Gatehouse on Thursday 3rd December. We have been to the Borough for the past 2 years and it’s time for a change. The Thursday night slot, whilst not ideal for people working on Fridays(!) works well in that it doesn’t impinge on people’s weekends and is less likely to clash with other dos at this time of the year. The food at the Gatehouse at the moment is fabulous.
In the meantime, there will be a bowling night organised at Morecambe Mega-bowl, and Dave will organise the golf day at Heysham Golf Club to happen sometime in August or September.
Keep an eye on the website for updates and sign-up for the social mailing list for all the social news.

Committee Meetings

As I stated in my opening remarks at the AGM, there were NO committee meetings held last season between AGMs. This was simply because there were no pressing issues during the season (in stark contrast to the 2007/2008 season!). The only problem with this was that we missed the opportunity for the club to make proposals for our own and the league AGMs.

To avoid this situation, I intend for the following meetings to be held by the committee come what may. Further meetings will be arranged on an ad hoc basis according to need:

W/C 25th Jan 2010 General Committee Meeting (to include team captains)

W/C 19th April 2010 To discuss club proposals to the League. Elected officers only.
May/Early-June. Pre-AGM meet. Elected officers only. Timing dependent on provision of information from the League.

Please supply your club and league proposals by the end of the season.

Here’s to a great 2009/2010 season,

James Illingworth