The league have distributed the tournament entry forms to the clubs. Bizarrely, they are not available on the league website at this time, but there you go. Cynthia may have a few hard-copies, but you can download the entry form from

Please also regard the following message from the tournament secretary. I assume our “BA of E affiliate number” is, in fact, our BADMINTON England membership number. You will have recently received your membership card with this number through the post (mine arrived between Xmas and New Year) – you didn’t throw it away did you!? Shame on you!

Let’s see if we can get a strong turnout this year, grab a few trophies!


15 March to 27 March

* * * * * *

Hello All,

We have new and exciting changes to our tournament this year as

  1. It is to be held at Carnforth High School, which has a

    wonderful hall to play in and we are able to play there at a

    reduced cost.

  2. Due to this the costs remain the same as last year, but we do

    need you to take part for them to stay this way.

  3. There is a singles handicap event which is open to both gents

    and ladies, at the committee’s discretion. Ladies please don’t

    be frightened to enter.

  4. As the overall age in the league is increasing, it was decided

    that the veterans events be changed to just over 45’s.

  5. PLEASE READ THE RULES. The handicap events have been

    opened to people from outside our league under the proviso

    that they are BA of E affiliated and registered to a club in our


  6. Everyone who enters will need to have their up to date

    affiliation number and make sure it is on the entry form.

    Should they not do this then the committee has the right to

    refuse to let them play. If you cannot find yours, your club

    secretary should be able to provide you with it.

Hopefully we will see you all again at the tournament.

Janette Lund

Tournament Secretary