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OK, I’ve succumbed and joined facebook. I’ve created a closed group for club use.

Message me or friend me or poke me or touch me if you want to join – club members only, please.

Official 2011/2012 Club activities start today with team selection at Salt Ayre, 2:30 to 4:30, continuing tomorrow night 7-10pm at the college, next Sunday at Salt Ayre 3:30-5:30, then Monday at College again.

If you’re not interested in being selected for a team, just attend club night on the Mondays, Sundays are for team selection only.

Matches and standard club nights resume w/c 19th September.

I’ll update the fees and club night pages soon!



We’ve received the entry forms from the Tournament Secretary. I literally can’t contain myself. They’re supposed to be on the league website, but, at the time of writing, I can’t see them. No matter, I’ll host them here, too.

There are four separate files provided. I guess you only need to print the entry form and declaration (3 & 4) to send in. I’ve also combined them all into one file in case you just want to see all of the pages in one go, coz I’m helpful like that. You’re welcome.

  1. Programme of Events
  2. 2011_2_Conditions_of_Entry
  3. 2011_3_Official_Entry_Form
  4. 2011_4_Declaration_Form

The full 2011 League Tournament Entry Form – Now in one, handy, cut out and keep file!

  • Monday 14th March
    • Mixed Doubles Championship
    • Mixed Doubles Restricted Championship Div 3and,4
  • Tuesday 15th March
    • Gents Singles Championship*
    • Ladies Singles Championship*
  • Wednesday 16th March
    • Gents Doubles Championship
    • Ladies Doubles Championship
    • Gents Doubles Restricted Championship Div 3 and 4
    • Ladies Doubles Restricted Championship Div 3 and 4
  • Thursday 17th March

    • Mystery Mixed Handicap
  • Friday 18th March

    • Veterans Gents Doubles Handicap
    • Veterans Ladies Doubles Handicap
  • Saturday19h March

    • Mixed Doubles Handicap ‘A’
    • Mixed Doubles Handicap ‘B’
  • Sunday 20th March
    • Gents Doubles Handicap ‘A’
    • Gents Doubles Handicap ‘B’
    • Ladies Doubles Handicap ‘A’
    • Ladies Doubles Handicap ‘B’
  • Monday 21st March
    • Veterans Mixed Doubles Handicap – over 40’s
    • Veterans Mixed Doubles Handicap – over 50’s
  • Tuesday 22nd March
    • FINALS – Handicap Events
  • Thursday 24th March

    • FINALS – Championship events

I took part in this survey. I got a bit carried away with some of the free-text answers, well, a couple of them anyway. Here’s what I put. Note that these are my personal opinions and not the opinions of Torrisholme Badminton Club, and, on reflection my comments about the organisation leeching from local clubs is a bit harsh, since I do want to see national and international players being supported and that has to be funded somehow, but I just wish it wasn’t all one-way traffic.

For the ‘Why do you say that?” question in follow up to my answer of ‘very poor’ to “Thinking generally about the current benefits of being a BADMINTON England member – how would you rate them? ” question:

A national organisation with literally NO relevance to local players. Despite lip service in the magazine, the organisation leeches from local clubs and gives nothing in return, bar forcing undesired changes on locals just because they suit national and international players or TV producers (e.g. rally points).

When I chose ‘very poor’ for “Thinking generally about the Badminton Magazine – how would you rate it?”, they asked me why I said that. I replied:

No content worth reading for practically anybody. Very limited coaching advice or information about playing badminton at the level of what must be the vast majority of the readership, local league players. Even for higher standard players there can’t be anything worth reading beyond the results and national rankings.

Seriously, who wants to read endless puff pieces about what some national player does on their typical day?

Where are the reviews of equipment? Where are the discussions about tactics that league players and up-and-coming juniors can use at club night? How about some drills that can be put into use by people at several removes from the elite? Or advice on how to organise a club night around 2 courts with 20 people wanting to variously practice, play games and talk about East-enders, before sodding off down the pub? These people don’t need or want advanced aerobic and anaerobic conditioning regimes, they need some basic advice about where to stand to receive serve, how to practice backhands and what to do when the opposition are making bad line calls. OK, lots of people do want more advanced stuff, so leave it in (though I bet if they’re serious they’re getting it elsewhere anyway), but where’s the stuff for the little people?

It really isn’t clear who the audience of this magazine really is.

Pow! All of a sudden, the new season is upon us. Don’t forget that selection starts from this Sunday, 6th September, at Salt Ayre from 2.30 for 2 hours, then we’re right back at the College next day from 7 til 10. Repeat that pattern the following week and then we’re back to matches!

Have you washed your shorts?