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  • Wow, our first follower who is actually a member of the club! Might be some incentive to start tweeting again. It's @Dean_the_Madden, btw! #
  • Well, our first apart from the obvious, of course. #
  • The 'A' team are busy coming out on the wrong side of a lot of close matches tonight. It's what they do best. #iBad #
  • Here are 2 of them at the purpose built, state of the art facilities of Torrisholme methodist church. #iBad #
  • Wasting my youth playing iBad. This is Salt Ayre, where we played Overton tonight. #
  • About to hit the Lancaster tundra for the iBad Xmas meal and drinking sesh. Will be in The Dalton Rooms; what's good to drink in there? #
  • Final score for our A team versus Ripley A, 10 – 8 to us. #iBad #result #
  • Xmas meal booked. Thursday 2nd December at The Dalton Rooms. £18. Details will follow on the website and via team captains! #
  • Anne and Steve tearing it up in the 'A' team match at Ascension. They won. Current match score 8-5 Torrisholme. #